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Testimonials for Roxann Christensen:

“I had Roxann work on me after someone fell on me – landing on my side – on my ribs. Within 20 minutes it felt like nothing happened there earlier today!”

- Richard S. San Fran, CA


“It's a week later & I still have my full range of motion back in my shoulder. Roxann really knows her stuff.”
- (auto mechanic) Tempe, AZ 


“My wrist pain was so bad I was told I was headed for surgery. After a few sessions with Roxann, I'm pain free and outside enjoying gardening again.”

- Joe R. Phoenix, AZ 


“Who would have thought such gentle manipulations could produce such pleasant relaxation and inner sense of ease. Thank you, Roxann.”

- Steve Davidson, D.O. 


“My hands and fingers used to cramp up in pain so bad at night that it would wake me up. Roxann was not only able to relax the joints in my hands, she then traced the problem to the base of my neck. Clearing both areas has left me pain free. The problem is completely gone. I think Roxann has an incredible gift.”
- Dayna Brown, Phoenix, AZ 


“Roxann, I don't know which I enjoy more - the bodywork or the conversation. Both are Excellent! Thanks!”
- Diane Knight, Peoria, AZ 


“After breaking my arm and going to physical therapy for several weeks, I had Roxann treat me. My doctor noticed that Roxann's work was more helpful than PT, so said to stay with her. I now have no pain and 99% strength and range of motion. I was 72 at the time. She's GREAT!”

- Joe Van Parys Phoenix, AZ 


“My first session with you was wonderful and provided immediate relief. I love Roxann’s work. I’ve been coming 6 years. I sleep better, I’m more relaxed and less tense. It’s my kind of bodywork.”
- Elizabeth Wefer, Phoenix, AZ


Testimonials for Marie Kortan:

For the past several months I have been going to Marie for massages. I don't go to her for a relaxing massage I go to her for therapeutic relief. I have a condition called Cervical Dystonia. It causes constant contractions of the muscles in my neck which in turn causes a lot of pain in my neck, back and shoulders. Marie is a life saver. She studied up on my disorder and has applied techniques that have helped me maintain my condition without the expensive treatments the neurologist would administer. I never consider my massages as a special treat but rather a necessity to my health. Marie is concerned and patient and above all listens to my requests. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good massage therapist, as well as an individual who really cares about her clients.  ................. Linda


I have been receiving massage therapy from Marie regularly for the last year. I get a lot of aches and pains associated with my job as a PE teacher/coach and Marie has worked wonders on me. Her massages have literally kept me going at times. I have many leg issues and she is able to virtually alleviate all of my symptoms. She is very well trained, but it's more than that. She never hurries through a massage, but makes sure she spends enough time on whatever is ailing me. I have had a lot of massage therapist over the years, but Marie is an especially nurturing and caring person and that comes through in her massages. Although I receive deep tissue massage, she has an amazing ability to include enough relaxation that I always feel great when it's over. She is knowledgeable and continues to educate herself on a regular basis to stay current with information and techniques.

I feel lucky to have found Marie. She is an excellent and professional massage therapist and I would recommend her to anyone! ................ Michelle

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